Tell Me by Puro Instinct (2016)

I'm a bit behind on posting my summer tunes this year but better late than never! I can't think of a better one to start with than this glittering gem from Puro Instinct. You can always count on them to deliver dreamy tunes that make your heart flutter like bumping into your crush at the Mall in front of the 5.7.9.

Puro Instinct for Bullett Magazine. 

Puro Instinct for Bullett Magazine. 


Summer Vibes: Everyone by Tees (2015)

Full disclosure: this one is super catchy and will make you want to dance . Without feeling like a throwback, something about it makes me want to listen to some of the songs on Primal Scream's Screamadelica or Happy Mondays or Stone Roses or other madchestery acid house tinged tunes of the early 90s. The love-everyone-positive sunshiny lyrics contribute to that sentiment, I suppose. All I know for sure is I'm failing miserably at resisting the strong urge to hit repeat every time the song ends. Hashtag Infinite feedback loop. 


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Summer Vibes: REALiTi by Grimes (2015)

Obviously, the perfect song to herald Independence Day weekend In the good ol' U.S. of the A is a j-pop-tinged electroromp by a young, iconoclastic Canadian bedroom synth maven. Duh! Actually, we still have a ways to go before living up to the testament of the Declaration of Independence, but it's reaffirming to know that we are making progress towards ensuring that's not just a bunch of pretty words on paper, but an accurate description of how life is for all in this country.


Summer Vibes: Le lac d'or by Moodoïd feat. Melody's Echo Chamber (2015)

This woozy psychedelic melody featuring Melody's Echo Chamber is  an excellent guilty-pleasure for trippin' la lumière fantastique.

BTW, the ï with the umlaut or dieresis in Moodoïd, sounds like 'ee' in English. Ergo, it's pronounced Mood-OH-eed. It's good to know things like that so when you're trying to sound all savvy and cool, you actually DO sound all savvy and cool.

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Playlist: Mentí... Sentí.


A few good tunes currently in heavy repeat mode. Take a listen or two, and you're sure to find something that stimulates you or sets your heart a flutter as much as mine. 

FYI: In Español castellano, "sentí" is the 1st person past participle of the verb "sentir" meaning to feel, and in some contexts to care. "Mentí" is that same tense, but of the verb "mentir", meaning to (tell a) lie. 

Sentimenti also refers to feelings or sentiments, in Italiano. The name of the playlist is a little play on all of those terms, reflexivity and mirroring, and the sometimes deceptive nature of emotions. Syntax matters, I suppose.

Music to Revel In & Sheila Metzner

Initially, I had no intention to share this playlist but it's got so many wonderful upbeat tunes, tempered by serene and chill moments... It wouldn't be any fun to just keep it to myself!

There's some of the usual suspects here along with some perennial faves and new discoveries. Mainly, this is intended to be a preview of the albums that will be my companions through the month of August as I toil away the days. All this in preparation of a really cool happening taking place in October. Let's just say I'm going all OUT for it... But while I chip away at the grindstone, nothing transports me like some great music. It soothes my anxieties and de-stresses me unlike anything else.

I know you also work your fingers to the bone, I mean it's how most of us get by these days. But don't forget to do yourself a favor. Treat yourself to some really awesome music and maybe a nice piragüa de frambuesa (puertorrican raspberry sno-cone), or some bourbon butterscotch gelato, or some bing cherry pie. Enjoy them by yourself, or, if you're so lucky, with those special souls who make your heart a little warmer and your smiles a little wider.


Childlewilde tracklist:


Plane Babe by Yuko Yuko

Midsummer Air by Georgian Waters

Give Me Your Love by Gateway Drugs

Let Me Down Gently by La Roux(George FitzGerald Remix)

Strange Attraction by DIANA

Neon Love by Claire

Trust by Sin Cos Tan

The Road I Know by Azure Blue

Across The Sea by The KVB

Lines of Latitude by Small Black ft. Frankie Rose

Edo Method by The Bilinda Butchers

Komorebi by Craft Spells

Last Boss by No Joy

Iroquois by Cemeteries

Reflexions by Xeno & Oaklander

Goon by Brett

Feels Like Love by HTRK

April's Bathroom Bummer by Devonté Hynes

Going Back To Strange by Still Corners

The Best Thing (Electric Youth) by Life Model

Now We Are Sixteen by Thumpers ft. Summer Camp

Hospital Bed (Demo) by Jigsaw Puzzle Glue

Love Stories by Little Daylight


Play it below or access it via  this link exclusively.

Playlist cover image: Molly Ringwald portrait by the iconic photographer Sheila Metzner.

A perusal of her site proves how influential and incredible her work has been through out her over 40 year career.


All images by Sheila Metzner

New Monotonic FM by Hydroplane (1997)

I listened to this ambient gemscicle of an album obsessively back in 98-99. I vividly remember how much the import CD and the shipping turned out to be and how long it took to arrive. The corner of the jewel case chipped in transit, so it never closed properly. The album was so unbelievably wonderful and different that it made all of it matter naught.
I used to carry my discman and a few CDs in my bag so carelessly that almost all my most fave discs were scratched because of it. They skipped incessantly, and at all the best parts, it seemed. This is how many great albums got shattered and had to be replaced.
Hydroplane was no exception. That awful fate befell it, like so many fantastic others, before and after it. Unfortunately, it seemed almost impossible to replace. Luckily, I listened the shit out of it and it had a good run. I remembered and found the album today on Spotify. Because exponentially advancing technology does have some great benefits.

That was a banal story about how much things have changed but the music remains great, and a tether to another place and time.

Disquietude: A Friday Afternoon playlist
A mélange of Music by Trust, Timber Timbre, Molly Nilsson, Forest Swords, Bishop Morocco, Dye, Future Islands, Jackson Scott, Angel Olsen, BULKk, Childish Gambino, Woods, Lust For Youth, Pure X, Courtney Barnett, Meishi Smile, et al. Even some Swedish vaporwave, because, why not!?

"It’s, like, yeeeaah… Wait, what was I saying??"

On them Sprotifys…

Polly by Gem Club
Dir. & Cinematography: Matthew Salton and Charlie Engman
Ed.: Andy Berner and Matthew Salton
Starring Kathleen McCain Engman and Krystel Roche

This disarmingly heartbreakingly beautiful video for a haunting, longing, & poignant song by Gem Club (is there any other kind?) is one of the best short films I have seen in ages.