Summer Vibes: Everyone by Tees (2015)

Full disclosure: this one is super catchy and will make you want to dance . Without feeling like a throwback, something about it makes me want to listen to some of the songs on Primal Scream's Screamadelica or Happy Mondays or Stone Roses or other madchestery acid house tinged tunes of the early 90s. The love-everyone-positive sunshiny lyrics contribute to that sentiment, I suppose. All I know for sure is I'm failing miserably at resisting the strong urge to hit repeat every time the song ends. Hashtag Infinite feedback loop. 


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Summer Vibes: REALiTi by Grimes (2015)

Obviously, the perfect song to herald Independence Day weekend In the good ol' U.S. of the A is a j-pop-tinged electroromp by a young, iconoclastic Canadian bedroom synth maven. Duh! Actually, we still have a ways to go before living up to the testament of the Declaration of Independence, but it's reaffirming to know that we are making progress towards ensuring that's not just a bunch of pretty words on paper, but an accurate description of how life is for all in this country.


Summer Vibes: Le lac d'or by Moodoïd feat. Melody's Echo Chamber (2015)

This woozy psychedelic melody featuring Melody's Echo Chamber is  an excellent guilty-pleasure for trippin' la lumière fantastique.

BTW, the ï with the umlaut or dieresis in Moodoïd, sounds like 'ee' in English. Ergo, it's pronounced Mood-OH-eed. It's good to know things like that so when you're trying to sound all savvy and cool, you actually DO sound all savvy and cool.

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El President by Drugstore with Thom Yorke

Souvenir from: 1998

I remember ordering this album, White Magic For Lovers, from, having forgotten I had also asked for it as a birthday gift, so I had two copies of it. Needless to say, this record was an idiosyncratic entry in the UK alternative/indie scene of the time. And thanks to Thom Yorke, of Cabeza de Radio fame, lending his crystalline falsetto to this rework of the song, it made the rounds and it was really good. This was the beginning of Yorke’s musical Midas touch, then enjoying being the lead in the band that at the time was apotheosis of British music post-OK Computer. He hadn’t fully developed his special brand of extra-crispy indie curmudgeon/reluctant icon status until a year or two after this. The other choice cuts from White Magic For Lovers are Say Hello, Song for Pessoa, Spacegirl, Mondo Cane, The Funeral, & the eponymous track. Go YouTube it, it still holds up.

Jens Lekman Live, at the Green Building in Gowanus, singing A Sweet Summer’s Night as part of the encore. The show had great energy. People were actually dancing, people! The new music is promising. The song about stalking Kirsten Dunst and the socioeconomic realities of potato-chip factory workers in his hometown of Gothenburg, Waiting for Kirsten, is fantastic. He needs to come out here more. If only for the Flatbush Avenue Target. He offered to sing individual requests, in your ear, afterwards. I took him up on it, and asked him to sing Your Arms Around Me and sign my sketchbook. He did both and was very lovely about it.  I apologize for the poor quality of the recording. I did it with the Voice Memo App on my iPhone. Jens Lekman

This makes me happy.

Also, He played The End of the World is Bigger than Love, which is a great song, and free to download and share (below!) He explained why he had been away from New York so long (heartbreak was involved.) In July, He had shared with Secretly Canadian the longer version of the anecdote he told on stage:

It was the day before the american election 2008 and I was filled with a hopelessness that only a McCain supporter could have shared with me at the time. I was in Washington DC to perform for swedish TV, sitting in the couch with a profesional smile on my face, joking with the hosts and discussing the lobster with the TV chef. I saw the clips online sometime ago, it’s amazing what an actor I can be if I really make an effort.

I lived in America back then, up in New York. At the time I felt like everything I touched was turning to shit and I had decided to put everything on one card. Subconsciously I knew I needed to hit the bottom so I could work my way up again. I needed confirmation, I needed someone to tell me it wasn’t going to work out, not this way. Yes, there was a girl involved in this. I was very much in love with her.

Some things you just go through. You don’t write about it, you don’t turn it into art because it can’t be turned into art. I didn’t write any songs that year because you can’t pour manure into an espresso machine and expect a cappucino to come out. When they announced the results and the streets filled up with people celebrating I felt happy to be part of something bigger than myself. It was a feeling that lasted me until the very last days of December 2008 when I finally sat down in my old teenage room at my parents house and I wrote this song. Then the year ended.

It’s a song of hope. When love turns it’s back on you it’s nice to know there’s a world out there that doesn’t give a shit about your problems. That forces you to keep your head held high and move on. A world that is fragile and beautiful. Maybe it can sound cold to some of you, but let me make it clear that I believe in love, I just get so wrapped up in it sometimes that I need to put it into proportion. It’s something you have to do a lot when you’re Jens Lekman.”

He is as charming, quirky and witty and adept at storytelling as he is at songwriting.  His music is as precious and special as he comes across.

Now I will try to shut up about him.