El President by Drugstore with Thom Yorke

Souvenir from: 1998

I remember ordering this album, White Magic For Lovers, from CDNOW.com, having forgotten I had also asked for it as a birthday gift, so I had two copies of it. Needless to say, this record was an idiosyncratic entry in the UK alternative/indie scene of the time. And thanks to Thom Yorke, of Cabeza de Radio fame, lending his crystalline falsetto to this rework of the song, it made the rounds and it was really good. This was the beginning of Yorke’s musical Midas touch, then enjoying being the lead in the band that at the time was apotheosis of British music post-OK Computer. He hadn’t fully developed his special brand of extra-crispy indie curmudgeon/reluctant icon status until a year or two after this. The other choice cuts from White Magic For Lovers are Say Hello, Song for Pessoa, Spacegirl, Mondo Cane, The Funeral, & the eponymous track. Go YouTube it, it still holds up.