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Tell Me by Puro Instinct (2016)

I'm a bit behind on posting my summer tunes this year but better late than never! I can't think of a better one to start with than this glittering gem from Puro Instinct. You can always count on them to deliver dreamy tunes that make your heart flutter like bumping into your crush at the Mall in front of the 5.7.9.

Puro Instinct for Bullett Magazine. 

Puro Instinct for Bullett Magazine. 


Summer Vibes: REALiTi by Grimes (2015)

Obviously, the perfect song to herald Independence Day weekend In the good ol' U.S. of the A is a j-pop-tinged electroromp by a young, iconoclastic Canadian bedroom synth maven. Duh! Actually, we still have a ways to go before living up to the testament of the Declaration of Independence, but it's reaffirming to know that we are making progress towards ensuring that's not just a bunch of pretty words on paper, but an accurate description of how life is for all in this country.


Summer Vibes: Le lac d'or by Moodoïd feat. Melody's Echo Chamber (2015)

This woozy psychedelic melody featuring Melody's Echo Chamber is  an excellent guilty-pleasure for trippin' la lumière fantastique.

BTW, the ï with the umlaut or dieresis in Moodoïd, sounds like 'ee' in English. Ergo, it's pronounced Mood-OH-eed. It's good to know things like that so when you're trying to sound all savvy and cool, you actually DO sound all savvy and cool.

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Playlist: Mentí... Sentí.


A few good tunes currently in heavy repeat mode. Take a listen or two, and you're sure to find something that stimulates you or sets your heart a flutter as much as mine. 

FYI: In Español castellano, "sentí" is the 1st person past participle of the verb "sentir" meaning to feel, and in some contexts to care. "Mentí" is that same tense, but of the verb "mentir", meaning to (tell a) lie. 

Sentimenti also refers to feelings or sentiments, in Italiano. The name of the playlist is a little play on all of those terms, reflexivity and mirroring, and the sometimes deceptive nature of emotions. Syntax matters, I suppose.

Another Lil' Video Playlist


MLVP 2: Maybe Bae Be

 This second video playlist is not-so-lil’: it’s brimming with some of my favorite synthy and gazey tunes that just happen to be great for these literally and figuratively torridly steamy days of midsummer.

Like the previous one, feel free to play either in the order I’ve chosen, or, throw caution to the wind and let those randomizing algorithms shake things up for you.

I can vouch to the repeat-worthiness of each and every one of these so having listened to them more times than I care to ennumerate here.

Instructions for use: Scroll down to embedded viewer. Play. Enjoy thoroughly. Repeat. 


Playlist break-down:

“Neu Chicago” by Clive Tanaka y su orquesta

“Balance” by Future Islands

“So Smart” by Indoor Voices

“I Never Learn” by Lykke Li

“Pale Moon” by Wymond Miles

“Love Fade” by Tamaryn

“Crazy For You” by Slowdive

“All Of Us” (Beat Connection remix) by Painted Palms

“Baptism” by Crystal Castles

“Wasted Summer” by Stumbleine

“Ocean” by Cousins

“Hunting For Pearls” by Iamamiwhoami

“Half Mast (Slight Return)” by Empire Of The Sun

“Julian” by Say Lou Lou

“Time Is On Our Side” by Azure Blue

“Fight The Vice” by Midnight Echoes

“Les Automates” by College

“Fight The Vice” by Midnight Echoes

“Les Automates” by College

“Pegasus” by Gems

“All The Days” by HAERTS

“Never Let Me Down Again” by Depeche Mode

“In The City” by Chromatics

“Prophecy Theme” by Brian Eno

“88mph” by Teeel

“Not In Love” by Crystal Castles & Robert Smith

“ELLI” by Dirty Beaches

“Cannibalism” by Cloud Cover “

Golden Dreams” by Deux

“April’s Daydream” by Devonté Hynes

“Fine Friend” by Pale Saints 

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You can always play it from  here.

Wut the .GIF?!

Wut the .GIF?!

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